Biographical Sketch for  Leon W. Couch II

Leon W. Couch, II, was born in Durham, NC in 1941. He has always been interested in electrical engineering. This interest started when he built a crystal set radio as a cub scout, and, in 1956, he became a licensed amateur radio operator K4GWQ. During high school he was a broadcast engineer. He graduated from Duke University in1963 with a BSEE degree. He earned his masters and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Florida in 1964 and 1967, respectively.

Leon W. Couch II spent his 36 year career in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL). In 1968 he was appointed Assistant Professor and he rose through the ranks to become Professor in 1984. From 1990 to 2004 he was the Associate Chair of the ECE Department at UF. Since 2004 he has been retired as Professor Emeritus.

His field of interest is in communications systems, with expertise in modulation theory and applications to wireless communication systems. At one time or another, he taught each of the different undergraduate and graduate communication courses in the UF ECE Department. He taught thousands of students and supervised the work of about 70 non-thesis and 20 thesis master students, and five Ph.D. students.

Dr. Couch has published about 30 papers and many editions of textbooks. In particular, the first edition of Digital and Analog Communication Systems was published in 1983, and the eight edition of this book has been published with a copyright date of 2013. This text is also available in Italian and Spanish with copyright dates of 2008, an Indian Edition in English with a copyright date of 2009, and a Chinese Edition in English with a copyright date of 2010. Since its inception, the book has been adopted by schools worldwide and is available from Pearson/Prentice Hall in English, Indian, Spanish, Italian, and Chinese editions.

Date revised: Saturday November 19, 2011

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